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Archived News for the year 2017

2017 Oct 1
UMD to Host Booth at SC17 - In November, 2017, the University of Maryland will host a booth at the Supercomputing 2017 conference in Denver, Colorado. For more information, see here.
2017 Apr 12
The Division of Information Technology (DIT) is making a small number of licenses for the PGI compiler suite available to members of the campus community. See the PGI help page for more information.
2016 February
Bill Burns is the new Director of Research Computing at the University of Maryland

Archived News for the year 2016

2016 Oct 31
UMD to Host Booth at SC16 - In November, 2016, the University of Maryland will host a booth at the Supercomputing 2016 conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, see here.
2016 March
Fritz McCall is the new Director of Research Computing at the University of Maryland

Archived News for the year 2015

2015 Dec 17
Sometime in or around January 2016, the MARCC staff plan to require two-factor authentication for access to the Bluecrab cluster. This will involve an app on your smart phone (the phone number you registered with MARCC on their form to request an account) which will generate an one-time passcode to be used in conjunction with your standard Bluecrab password. More information can be found at the MARCC web site.

2015 Jul 1
The Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center (aka MARCC) officially opens. The Bluecrab HPC cluster is available to UMD researchers via proposals to the AAC.

2015 Apr 16
Registration is now open for our annual HPC Boot Camp. This provides a rapid introduction to the complexities of High Performance Computing and parallel programming.

2015 Apr 13
Professor Derek Richardson of the Astronomy Department has taken over as the Chair of the University's HPCC Advisory and Allocations Committee, starting a one year term.

2015 Jan 26
Upgrades to original Deepthought cluster completed

The original Deepthought cluster has now been upgraded to version 6 of the Red Hat operating system. This is to make the two Deepthought clusters more alike to facilitate the manual migration of jobs from one cluster to the other.

The tap command has been disabled on the original Deepthought cluster (it was never supported on Deepthought2). It has been deprecated for some time now, and this change was made to bring the cluster environments into greater alignment. See Setting up your Environment and the page on setting up software environments. The latter also lists the available software and gives the translation between tap and module load tags.

Archived News for the year 2014

2014 Dec 11
Upcoming outages to the Deepthought clusters:
  1. Starting at 7 a.m. on Monday, January 19, 2015 and ending by 5 p.m. on Friday, January 23, 2015, the Deepthought cluster will be taken out of service to upgrade it from RedHat 5 to RedHat 6. This upgrade will match the software installed on Deepthought to that installed on Deepthought2, which should enable a much easier transition back and forth between the two clusters. This update also will bring the Lustre filesystem up to date and allow the mounting of filesystems between the two clusters.
    • During this outage, all queued jobs will be removed from queue and will need to be resubmitted once the cluster is returned to service.
  2. Starting at 7 a.m. on Monday, December 29, 2014 and ending by 7 p.m. on the same day, there will be a complete outage of the Deepthought2 cluster. The purpose of this outage is to perform semi-annual patch installations and to upgrade to the latest Lustre filesystem software.
    • As a result, we'll be holding job submissions so that jobs that would be running during the outage time frame will not be allowed to start. Once the cluster is returned to service, job processing will resume normally.
  3. As always, please remember that the Lustre filesystems are NOT backed up and your critical data should be stored elsewhere. Please also remember that these filesystems are not to be used for long term storage of data, files older than six months are subject to automatic removal if necessary.

2014 Sep 11
XSede is sponsoring a regional outreach seminar at Johns Hopkins on September 11, 2014. For those that may want to utilize XSede Center resources in the future or obtain training from XSede in the future, this one day seminar may be useful. More information, an outline of topics, and details about registration (free, but registration required) can be found at

2014 Jun 30
Deepthought2 will be opened to general, production use starting July 1. Beta testers have been "kicking the tires" so to speak thoughout June. If your group has contributed resources to Deepthought2, please contact Fran Lopresti regarding the details of the setup of your allocation and the initial user list. Those applying for grants from the AAC will proceed as usual, and the AAC will decide which resource maps bests to the requirements of the proposal.

2014 May 27
Deepthought's scheduling software is being migrated to Slurm. The queue/partition scheme has also been simplified. Some documentation describing the differences is now available.

2014 May 14
Deepthought2 is HERE! We are configuring the systems, and should have some beta testers on it in early June. We are hoping to allow production use in July.