SC16 Schedule

10:10 Wednesday, November 16

The Migration to Open Networking

The era of cloud, virtualization and OTT is fundamentally changing network requirements. Traffic demands are shifting, creating a need for a more flexible network. Technology developments are driving new flexible hardware with a move to Open Networking. While optical transport and component vendors strive to innovate faster to meet operators' needs, providers see SDN primarily as a key means of achieving goals of rapid innovation and service deployment.

Speaker Bio - Mike Sabelhaus

Mike Sabelhaus
Principal, Optical Solutions
Fujitsu Network Communications

Michael Sabelhaus joined Fujitsu Network Communications in 1993 and has held positions in Product Management and Planning groups, where he has been involved in with Fujitsu's optical products. Mike continued as Director of Optical Planning, Europe, which included global product planning for Fujitsu's next generation products, directed Fujitsu's efforts in ATT Domain Product Management and has most recently concentrated on next generation beyond 100G and ROADM optical strategies. Prior to Fujitsu, he did design and development of Optical equipment at Opcom, Inc. and Honeywell Opto, Inc and has been a consultant in various fields for electrical circuit design. Mike has degrees in Electrical Engineering, US patent, a Life member of IEEE and Life member of the electrical engineering honor society, Eta Kappa Nu.