SC16 Schedule

10:10 Thursday, November 17

Cross-Platform Automation using Open Source StackStorm

Finding an automation tool that covers two or three domains is difficult. Finding one that covers more is nearly impossible. StackStorm provides automation across numerous platforms including vCenter, Cassandra, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Ansible, Github, Jira, Kubernetics, Google, Linux, generic email, mqtt, OpenStack, Puppet, Splunk, Yammer, MS Windows, Brocade fabrics, and more including Tesla cars. The open architecture allows one to easily build sensors, actions, and rules for specialized applications and other off-the-shelf products. In this session, we will present an overview of the tool, a few use cases, and directions on how to obtain and use this tool to make your own lives easier.

Speaker Bio - Chip Copper

Chip Copper, PhD
Strategic Technologist
Brocade Communications, Inc.

With over 40 years in the computing industry, Chip has experience with a number of different technologies including fabrics, storage, virtualization, infrastructure, and next generation data center architectures. He has a broad technical background that includes designing and building microprocessor-based controllers, designing operating systems, developing custom languages, producing compilers, specifying and deploying both telecommunications and IP networks, and developing and writing distributed applications on a range of platforms from simple processors to supercomputers. Recently, he has been working in the areas of software defined networking, automating workflows, and disaggregated network functionality. He has a PhD in Distributed Systems from the University of Pittsburgh, an MS in Computer Science, and a BS in Mathematics from Bowling Green State University.