ENEE 140 :: Spring 2023

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01/25: Welcome to ENEE 140!
Welcome to ENEE 140. In this class, we will use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programming in C. I recommend you to install CLion on your laptops. You are encouraged to bring your laptops to the lectures and to try the programming techniques demonstrated in class.

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Introduction to Programming Concepts for Engineers


ENEE 140 provides an introduction to computer programming. The course focuses on leaning important programming principles, and the C programming language is used to illustrate these principles. Topics include an introduction to the programming workflow (coding, compiling, debugging, testing), data types and type conversions, arithmetic operations, control flow, functions, variable scope, vector data types (arrays and strings), input/output.

The learning outcomes of ENEE 140 include:

The material will be taught through lectures, reading assignments, weekly homeworks and 3 multi-week projects. ENEE 140 is a hands-on course, where students learn by writing many computer programs outside the classroom.

Course Staff


NameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
Prof. Tudor Dumitraș IRB 5228 Tu 2:30-3:30 pm

Teaching Assistants

SectionNameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
0101 Andrew Giantelli agiantel@terpmail.umd.edu TBD 2–3pm, Tue and Thu
0102 Kevin Hermstein kherms@terpmail.umd.edu TBD 11–12pm, Mon and Wed

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