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Differences between the new Zaratan and old Deepthought2 HPC clusters

On this page we document some of the major differences you may encounter when going from the old Deepthought2 cluster to the new Zaratan cluster. The intent is to assist users of Deepthought2 and other previous UMD clusters to quickly get up to speed on the new cluster.

There are a number of changes we are making with the Zaratan cluster, and although we believe these will make for an overall better experience for all HPC users, we wanted to enumerate them to help users with the transition. To help you navigate, we have divided the changes in the categories below (with some changes being listed in multiple categories).

  1. Major Differences
  2. Hardware Differences
  3. Storage Differences
  4. Login/Access/Accounting Differences
  5. Environment Differences
  6. Differences pertaining to the Software Library

Major Differences

This is just an overview of the differences we consider most signficant, for users who do not have time to review the full list. We encourage all users of the Deepthought2 cluster who are transitioning to Zaratan to try to find time to look over the full list, but until you have such time here are what we believe are the most critical differences. (Note: we will update this list if we receive a lot of questions on items not in it, so it might be worth returning to this page if you run into issues).

Hardware Differences

Of course, the hardware on the Zaratan cluster is significantly newer than what was available on the old Deepthought2 cluster. The differences likely to have the most impact to users are:

Storage Differences

Login/Access/Accounting Differences

With Zaratan, we are introducing a number of changes related to accessing the system and accounting.