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Parallel Computing with MATLAB Workshop 2020

The Division of Information Technology (DIT) at the University of Maryland is pleased to announce the following virtual workshop for members of the University community.

There are only a limited number of seats available. Registration will remain open until 8 Nov 2020 or until all seats are filled. Although there is no charge associated with the workshop, we do require registration and we ask that you do not register unless you really intend to attend. Also, if you register and later discover you will not be able to attend, please contact us to cancel your registration as soon as possible so that we can invite someone from the wait list. It would be a shame if someone was prevented from attending due to an empty seat reserved for you.

NOTE: DIT reserves the right to cancel the workshop for any reason with little notice.

Parallel Computing with MATLAB Workshop
Part 1:Parallelizing MATLAB code
Tuesday, 10 November 2020, 2:00 - 5:00 PM
Part 2:Using MATLAB Parallel Server on HPC
TBA (postponed due to technical problems)
InstructorRaymond Norris
Parallel Computing Pilot & Engineer, The MathWorks Inc.
Costfree, registration required
Registration Formlink to registration form
8 Nov 2020
or when registration is full

Register Here

During this hands-on, self-paced workshop, a MathWorks engineer will introduce you to parallel and distributed computing in MATLAB with a focus on speeding up your application code and offloading compute. By working through common scenarios and workflows using hands-on demos, you will gain in the first session (Part 1) a detailed understanding of the parallel constructs in MATLAB, their capabilities, and some of the common hurdles that you'll encounter when using them. In Part 2 you will learn how to run your MATLAB code on local High Performance Computing (HPC) resources.

Part 1 of this virtual workshop is open to all MATLAB users on campus and will discuss the parallel constructs in MATLAB in general, which can be of use even on multicore workstations and laptops. Practical exercises during this session will be performed using the MathWorks Cloud Center.

Part 2 of this virtual workshop is aimed at users of the University's HPC clusters and will include instructions on using MATLAB Parallel Server to offload compute to the HPC cluster. Practical exercises during this session will be performed on Deepthought2 using the onDemand Web Portal.


Some basic familiarity with MATLAB is assumed. If you are not familiar with MATLAB or a bit rusty, you might wish to take the free self-paced MATLAB Onramp course from MathWorks (about 2 hours).

System Requirements

As this webinar will be offered via Zoom, you are assumed to have a system (preferably a laptop or desktop) with Zoom installed. You will likely also want to have a modern web browser installed to access the corresponding websites for practical exercises.

For the second session (Part 2) temporary access to the Deepthought2 HPC cluster (for the duration of the workshop) will be provided to registrants who do not already have access.

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