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Quantum Algorithms

This workshop is intended to introduce interested users of the UMD community to quantum algorithms, in particular those, which can be processed on existing or near-future quantum computers. We plan to offer quantum computing related workshops a number of times throughout the year.

This workshop will introduce participants to the main classes of quantum algorithms and provide example codes that can be run as quantum simulations or directly submitted to IonQ's quantum computers. This course will briefly cover:

Examples will be provided as Jupyter notebooks; to run these codes on IonQ's quantum computers, participants will receive IonQ API tokens.

Basics knowledge of quantum computing is assumed; we suggest to attend the workshop "Practical Quantum Computing" before taking this course.

More details (and a link to the registration form) can be found on the page for specific offerings of this workshop. The next scheduled workshops are (or last offered workshop if no workshops are currently scheduled):

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